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Hi All. 2013 Kia Soul! . I've had a vinegar smell the past couple of weeks. I've followed some posts on here where you change the cabin filter, spray in the lysol cleaner, run the heater, etc. Couldn't get rid of the smell but had some other ideas to try.

However today I turned off my car and took the keys out as I was getting out the AC was still running. I could control it with all speeds and even turn it off and turn it on, with no key in the ignition. Later on today I got in the car and the lights were lit up on the AC controls but no air would blow out on any speed on or off.

Any idea what is going out that I may need to fix? Right now it's working again but has started to be sporadic. Could whatever is failing be the source of the smell as well?

Thanks for any help you all can give.
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