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I have been searching, reading the forums a fair bit today, I am interested in a few stock SOUL items but am not sure if I can find them via one of the vendors here or if it would be better to go through the dealership?

All weather floor mats - SOUL logo
SOUL license plate holders - SOUL logo
Billet oil cap
UV Sunshade - SOUL logo

That's kind of my immediate list, I plan on ordering things later but I'd like to get the ball rolling on these sooner rather than later.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Your local Kia dealer!

Weathertech makes amazing all weather mats, but they're WAY overpriced in my opinion.

I got the Soul license plate frames at the stealership. Got them to throw them in with the deal on the car.

Oil cap? Dunno. Engine porn is not my thing.

The only place to get the sun shade is at the stealership unless you're lucky enough to find someone parting with one.
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