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I couldn't find anything on recent Colors for the 2014 on the Forum here, so I'll post the following info:

I stopped by my Dealer today, and wanted to see if they had any idea what the 2014's Soul Colors were going to be. My wife's really interested in the Solar Yellow that's coming out, but I wanted to give her other Color Options, if they had any updates.

The Sales Manager printed out a list of Colors, that he said were supposed to be on the 2014's. They are:

- Solar Yellow
- Inferno Red
- Fog Horn Blue
- Alien 2
- & 3 Two-Tone Colors like, Black-Gray, Titanium-Gray, Silver-Gray.

Now, my wife's interested to see what exactly "Fog Horn Blue" is, as it may indeed be a contender for the Solar Yellow.

Not sure if these Colors are "FIRM", but this is the lastest info that they have.


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