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Underglow on Soul?

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voted yes, only because I'd like to SEE it. California is real weird about anything like this, and the only color I would have underneath a Molten Soul would be RED. I think if ANY red or blue light is visible at all from the front of the vehicle, I'll get Bobbie's attention (cops)

My only planned external LED work (besides the complete LED relight project) going to be a pinswitch somewhere under the bonnet that will light a couple BRIGHT white "work lights" under the bonnet when open.

I'm sorta with Queerdoo when it comes to making my Soul look like a Jeepney. The funny little red pinstripe I have along the side window edges....just about comes to THAT line in the sand already.

Also, if you suddenly find yourself spending more time underneath or under the bonnet to fix something "stupid", than you do maintaining the vehicle, You have too many dumb little mods. This would sorta fall under Queerdoo's "KISS" as well.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts