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Sunroof Bellows Replacement

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Hey Guys, the wind noise on my sons 2016 Soul is getting louder according to him. He wants to replace the bellows because he STILL doesn't want to let me try my idea, so screw it, I'll let him buy a new bellows kit and make him do the labor. Do any of you know how difficult of a job this might be or how much a kit will cost him? I'm still of the opinion that I could fix it with some concentrated heat in the area of a crimp in the gasket, but he doesn't want to listen to me. He's got to learn and he's going to have to learn the hard way.
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No experience changing them, but does not seem hard if you are just talking about the accordion type side bellows. The only issue is, I am pretty sure they are only effective when the sunroof is open...
I think he's going to be out of luck. I can't even find them listed on any kia parts site. Thanks for your reply.
The problem with the sunroofs is that very few parts are available individually, they are mostly parts of assemblies and quite expensive. I have a pano roof in my Soul and have serviced and replaced them before but I could not for the life of me tell you who made them, certainly not Kia but a supplier like ASC or Wabasto etc... I do have a cool tool for working on them though. From having replaced the shade and sunroof motors I pulled one of the faulty motors apart and just kept the gear which has an allen head hole in the bottom so if I need to move a roof or shade manually when all apart I can stick the gear in there with my electric ratchet and move it around to where I need it.
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