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The winner for the Summer ROTM contest is...

Here is my 2012, Black Cherry Soul Plus.

I've done my basic upgrades that I do to every vehicle I've owned.

Dash Cover by DashMat
Carbon Fiber Wiper Blades from CarID
Bra from CarID
Weathertek wind screens from CarID
Cow leather Steering Wheel cover
I use my favorite Harley Davidson T-Shirts as Seat Covers (works perfectly, learned this trick on a Suzuki Samarai)
New Tires
Full size spare tire and tools
Rear Net/Mesh for storage

I love my Soul, he's one of the best cars I've ever owned, considering the price, it's an amazing car.

My picture taking skills lack a lot, but these are the best 3 I managed.

Thank you everyone for participating :)

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