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Steering wheel lock offered from Kia for 2011 Soul

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Got a notice in the mail for my 2011 Soul + for a free steering wheel lock today.

I’m not going to bother ordering it for that car, but it seems like even the first Gen is getting something. But it’s not a software update. Still nothing from Kia for my 2019 though.

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Yes, I agree. They’re basically just a deterrent. If someone wants to take your car, the club isn’t going to stop them.
Amen. There is no such thing as an unstealable car, if a thief wants it bad enough.
I too agree. If a Gone In 60 Seconds level type thief wants it he/she is going to get it. But I doubt, at least I haven't heard, that those kinds of thieves are targets Kia Souls.

It is the looking to go joyriding, brute force attacking (break window, tear apart steering column), punk thief I want to deter. And so thus finding and utilizing some reasonably priced method - since looking like Kia won't be providing an immobilzer upgrade/update - for (hopefully) causing idiot, unskilled thief to
  1. not break window and/or
  2. not tear apart steering column and/or
  3. not be able to drive car away.
A theft deterrent method that doesn't involve every night, all night sitting up in a lawn chair, auto-loading shotgun in hand, and an arm hooked up to an intravenous drip of No Doz.

Actually I park inside overnight so my main concerns are for when away from car at a department store or venue, and while parked for work.
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Re-checked the Kia anti-theft site again and this time the message says I can order a steering wheel lock. So no immobilizer software update for my base Gen 2.

:( Not exactly a surprise having read various forum posts & threads on the topic, though still a tad disappointed. So much for any Kia with a steel key and turn-to-start.

Haven't yet received the letter containing the 5-digit code required to actually place the order for the steering wheel lock.
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...Funny though when I put my VIN in the website, it still says I have push button start and an immobilizer....
So how is it that the Kia departmet which generated the letter accurately knows the relavent features on your 2019 but the department responsible for the check VIN website doesn't - seems to me they both would be / should be referencing the same database of sold vehicles???
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...Many of the people stealing these are teenagers and it's because it can be done in a like 2 minutes. The Club, if nothing else, will make them think about it., now they need to carry a saw or drill as well and take the extra time, unless there's another way of getting rid of a club that i'm not thinking of.
Soon to appear on TikTok - How to defeat The Club in 2 seconds using a USB charger cable!
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...They will pay up to $300 for an electronic security system...
This statement was in the letter?
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