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The Drivers side speakers in my 2011! have been out for some time, at least 2 years for the front door. I finally got around to finding replacement speakers at a pick your part junk yard. They recently got in a 2011 base model which kindly surrendered it's speakers for my needs. The only difference between the base speakers and my ! speakers was the voice coil impedance. The base model are 4 ohm, where the ! are 2 ohm, and I think in general the ! have more travel and bass.

After removing and replacing my original speakers I discovered that the reason they failed was the adhesive used to hold the magnets in place simply let go on both drivers side speakers, pinching the coil in the process. My son was able to pull the magnets off with very little effort. The passenger side speakers were adhered just fine.

I went ahead and replaced all 4 speakers just so everything was equal.

Just thought some one else may find that interesting, I know I did.
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