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SOUL's Gen-2 Diffuser Skid Plate Mod for

~Skid Plate Diffuser Set~
CLICK: Front Bumper & Rear Bumper Guard Skid Plate Diffuser Set For KIA 2014-2017 Soul

~ Up-Rating ~
Maintaining your 14,15,16, Soul's "Relevance" is a matter of "Up-Rating"
to Current trends in the New Car Market the last couple of years... The fact of the Matter is, that if you don't "Up-Rate" your Gen-2 with this
~ Let's Talk Relevance ~
1) The cost of this Mod is really a small price to pay to Keep Your Soul Relevant...
2) Install will go Smoothly by paying attention to Notes & Pics you will find below...
3) Pics below show Diffuser Skid Plate with "More" Character than the 2017 Soul...
4) "YES" the two are made with only $5.00 worth of Plastic in each one... BUT...You see Below they're worth "Every-Cent-You-Paid-For-Them-After-Install"...YUP
~ Shipped from Korea ~
1) Comes with both pieces in the box rapped in foam...
2) Find Small parts bag & How-To Cartoon in the box...
3) Note: MY box was barely Clear taped shut, but starting to open on one end. Box had taken a beating. The parts bag could have fallen out, but amazingly
was still in the box, and the Diffuser & Skid Plate were in Perfect condition...
~ Notes of Interest ~
1) Silver paint is Not Clear Coated. You have to be Vary careful handling these big parts. you wouldn't want to scar them.
2) You need to test fit a few times Before you peel the 3M tape, and Screw them down. (got to get your moves down first)
3) The Screws are Stainless Steel, and they Self tap in the plastic bumper. Don't worry, the Screws are located where if you removed these parts nobody would ever see the old screw holes.
4) These parts fit like a second skin. (high quality molding)
5) The top ears with the Capped Screws need to be push in just flush with the bumper (as seen in the Pics) before setting them Screws so they go straight back. Make sure you get them Caps snapped down GOOD...OK
6) Be vary careful with that Screw Driver. You have to keep pushing, and turning that screw driver to get them started... Don't mess-up the Paint...OK
7) How hard to do the Install...? Three Stars out of Five Stars... This job is all about being careful with your Expensive parts... I put a Blanket down to work on with them, and all my fooling around... I put some Masking Tape on the car marking my test fit locations...
8) Remember to use only Rubbing Alcohol on your paint surface to clean for that 3M Tape adherence... Go over them surfaces 3 time with 3 fresh
NOTE: As you can see, the Base Plastic is White, and is about 1/8" thick...
ALL the Holes are pre-drilled, and all you have to do is hold tight, and put the Screws in...
YES, you see 3M Tape on the edges...


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Ermegerd those are sweet
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