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Soul Owner Moved ON to BC

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Hey everyone!

I've been a proud Soul owner since March of last year and up until now I was happily driving it in Ontario. I've recently moved out to B.C. and it seems things are bit different when it comes to insurance. I have a couple quick questions I'm hoping some fellow B.C. Soul owners might be able to shed some light on:

1) Is there a difference between Autoplan brokers, or is just a convenience/friendly service factor (i.e. all offering identical services/prices)? If there is a difference, any recommendations in Vancouver?

2) Anyone willing to share a ballpark of what they're paying? I know it depends on a number of things, but any insight would be great.

3) Any recommended places for service/oil changes (Kia dealers or not)

I think that's it for now - will edit if I think of more.

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Where in BC did you move to?
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