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Just to prove how many enthusiastic Soul owners there are in the Greater Toronto Area, a short-notice meet at the best plane-spotting place netted 10 Souls yesterday. That's more than some long-time organized cruises :applause:

New member here and newest member of the SCO, bankssns. Her newly purchased 2011 is nice. Note the trick applique on the side bump strip. It's shiny black with SOUL embossed in chrome and there's a chrome strip on the top edge of the body protector moulding. Very nice accessory. Anyone seen this before?

Plane? What plane? Lakeshore in reflective mood.

Soul Sailor's prize-winning car. Note recently added splitters on front corners.

littlereddr's shiny red Soul.

SIB's Souls In Black.

scirocco's lowered red machine...........nice!

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