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So i went to the Decal Shop near my house, and they said they would charge us anywhere from 5 to 12 dollars for the decal

depending on how many we order! we need a design now and we can get his rolling! anyone have ideas post pics and maybe we'll narrow it down to 2 or 3 and take a vote from there?!

Also like i told Enderz, if you are interested in the plates its 2 for 44.99 but i'm sure i can ask him to lower the price if we order more than 1 pair
it includes the writting and chrome only

Also, if you want it in black, they do have it available but its a bit more expensive its i think he said 42? each? and its actually engraved in so iono if you were looking for that!

but yes post your specs

lets try to use

So-Cal Soul Club or something to that nature!
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