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Side Mirror Detailing

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Just added some simple Flexible Molding Strips of red to make my side mirrors pop. I was happy with the outcome overall. Easy to work with, cheap to buy, and adds a little personality to the exterior that would otherwise not be noticed. I want to do a little more exterior work as far as the grill and foglight sections when I get another opportunity. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

3M Adhesive Interior/Exterior Flexible Molding Strip - $12.00

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Would look OK if you had other red trim molding to balance the look out.
Does look good on a dark color Soul.
Thin red trim has become popular with many vehicles when used along the bottom edges of the sides
and under the front. Really looks good if continued along the rear bumper lower area.All on the same level.
Regular pin stripe tape is used for this. It may give the Soul a lower appearance.
I'm thinking about testing this look on my titanium Soul.

I have areas that are plastidipped and glossed in red throughout the exterior of the car. I don't want to use too much molding because of the cheap appearance. I'll probably add it to the grill/fog lights and some rear pieces outlined.

Great suggestions though! I love the ideas. Would be interested to see how it turns out on your titanium soul if you ever end up doing it! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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