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Without checking back, I'm pretty sure that this month's entry list was the largest we've ever had for SOTM. Great to see so many people taking an interest and showing off their fabulous rides.

Once again we have a winner that may be met with some resentment from people that believe only a highly modified Soul deserves to win the contest. This isn't a contest based on "Most toys wins" it's a contest based on each voter looking at the entries and finding one that makes them have that "Oh yes" moment.

gonzilla 717's gorgeous white Soul was the one that gave me that reaction and hey...........I don't even vote in this. It combines those elements seen in the European Souls which is highly influenced by the black on white Audis and such that one sees around............always looks SO sharp.

A very, very nicely done car and a worthy winner. Congratulations gonzilla717...........nice job!


New member and owner here. Bought a 2015 Exclaim with the whole Shabang 3 weeks ago. I love the car but recently inspired by some photos I saw from some European models... so I decided to add touches.

Just recently added black vinyl to the roof line, door handles, gas cap and wheel wells to accent the body lines and elements of the car. I also tinted the front windows and added a bug guard. I really love the enhanced look.

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Congrats!!! :drool

Well said MT-ED, money(spent or otherwise) doesn't always=winner.
Thanks everybody! Wow. There were some great entries so I feel honored.

Cheers to all who entered and voted!
Congratulations Gonzilla717!
congrats looks really classy, nearly like a range rover evoque only better!!
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