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RESET - 2023 LX

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My 2023 soul lx keeps nagging me, every twenty minutes, to consider taking a break.

I cannot find a 'reset' button for this item alone, after multiple searches.

Can a 'system reset' screw up things, or is there a shorter route to resolve this nag?
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I found this in the online “features and functions” guide, but I’m sure this is also in your owners manual. Does this help at all?

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Well, DANG !! The google reference there is supposed to link to my photo of the dashboarD cluster menu. - FAILED
Just upload the picture here
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Maybe Canadian model doesn’t let you turn it off? I don’t know why the settings would be different than what I posted the other day (from the US owners manual). Maybe someone with a 2023 Canadian model can try and see if they can shut theirs off.
My 21 ex definitely has that choice I checked it today. If needed I can post a picture.
I wonder if they changed the menu for 2023 and don’t let you turn it off anymore. That wouldn’t be good, but I’ve only heard two complaints about it so far. One in Canada and one in the US. 🤔
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