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2018 Kia Soul ! Turbo
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We've had our Soul for a couple months now since I first posted here, and have had some time to drive it and get overall opinions on things. The beast in question:

At 42k miles, we've just done an oil change (every 3K with synthetic), new plugs, new PCV valve, and new air filter. It looks good and runs great, and I really love the surprise power of this thing. I monitor the oil religiously and track the gas mileage in Fuelly so I hope I'll catch any dire issues early, though from what I read the 2.0 engine seems to be the one to fear. I'm looking forward to putting new tires on it soon as it still has the original Nexen tires, worn down now and happy to squeal and lose traction at anything past 4/5 throttle, LOL. I expect both grip and ride to improve a good bit when we put on some new Continentals.

Really my only mild annoyance with it is the personality of the 7-speed DCT. In normal mode, it's SO eager to upshift that it never lets the engine get into boost or even much revs, creating this sort of herky feeling where it feels sluggish until you throttle enough to actually make it hold a gear. Sport mode is better but is a little buzzy for around-town driving. Manual shifting works best, with great power and smooth shifts and just generally none of the frequent hunting and pecking that it seems to do in normal mode. Is this just the way it is? This may just be the norm for modern 7+ speed transmissions, I dunno - My last automatic was a 90's 4-speed Toyota so I'm suddenly dealing with twice the gear changing and much more aggressive AI chasing fuel economy. Any tips on this?
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