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Today I performed my formerly-standard radiator-protection process. Though Elwood has but 5700 miles, there are already a few dings in the radiator, likely from stone or hard bug hits at speed. In the Soul it's pretty simple, though not all cars have such easy access.

Parts: Aluminum screen about 30" x 36". Silver or aluminum foil duct tape. 10mm wrench, screwdriver, scissors, discarded toothbrush.

I eyeball-engineer-measured the size at about 30 x 36 and cut a piece of aluminum window screen to appx that size. You can always tuck in the excess, you cannot stretch the screen if you cut too short.

Make a "picture frame" with four pieces of tape to cover the rough edges of the screen. Just lay the screen on top of the tape, double the tape over.

Remove two bolts and about eight plastic fasteners holding the horizontal part by the hood opening lever. Wiggle, wedge, and pry lightly with a flathead screwdriver until this piece pulls out.

Use the toothbrush (or other brush) to remove deceased bugs. Clean out any other dirt or crud from the radiator fins. Carefully.

Slide the screen in, there's plenty of clearance. My screen went down deep enough to tuck in to the bottom lip of the grill surround. Tuck at the top. You're done.

Scrooch the plastic part back in, snap in the fasteners, tighten the bolts, you're done.

The radiator is now protected from hits and clogs from assorted insectoids and other flying debris which is especially popular in the summer months.

From my years of dolphin research, I know that dolphins' sonars had blind spots regarding how fine or large the mesh in fishing nets is.

I don't know if there is any effect regarding police radars.

*Just as I finished closing it up, I thought, "Oops! I should've taken pitchers!" Sorry.

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