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I am at my breaking point. Let me preface with adding I have a son with autism and he has a fixation with electronics working properly. When they don’t it causes melt downs, other wise this would merely be an irritation.
I purchased 2022 Kia Soul. Had a 2020 Kia Soul. Had no problems with Apple CarPlay in the 2020 Model. As soon as I started driving the 2022 it has been nothing but trouble. Screen goes on and off, it doesn’t come on initially sometime, switches from blue tooth car play to phone over and over while on conversations, google maps suddenly stops working leaving me without directions, sometimes Siri’s voice sounds like it’s posessed, and sometimes voice options will not work at all.
I called Apple and they said make sure software always up to date, try resetting the phone, try re installing phone with kia blue tooth and finally if all else fails have dealership reboot car radio. I did all of that. Finally, dealership offered to replace the sterep but no radios available after months of waiting and no telling when they will have one. Kia has been having problems getting replacement parts for 2022 vehicles. Dealership offered to replace with new system from their 2022 Kia Soul loaner car. They did that. Same problems. I’m desperate for advice. I can’t take the melt downs any more.
Try a different Iphone maybe ?

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Hello All,
I had the same exact issue with the CarPlay and it won’t connect to my phone or any other iPhone.
I did those steps below and it solved the problem in less than 5 minutes.
  1. Unpair all phones connected to your car multimedia unit on Bluetooth and CarPlay as well.
  2. Go to your CarPlay settings on your iphone and make it to forget your car, and do the same with the Bluetooth settings.
  3. Turn off the car and pull the keys out
  4. Open the hood
  5. Open the fuse box and get the fuse puller
  6. Go back inside the car and open the fuse box on the left side of the steering wheel.
  7. Look at the back of the fuse box cover to see the fuses map
  8. Locate the fuse that says “MULTI MEDIA 15A”, it will be on the first row, the third fuse from the left. See attached photo.
  9. Pull this fuse out with the fuse puller you got from the other fuse box and wait around one minute.
  10. Turn on the car accessories without turning on the car engine
  11. The multimedia screen should be died.
  12. Turn off the car again and pull the key out of the ignition.
  13. Put the fuse back to its slot
  14. Close the fuse box cover
  15. Turn on your car and try pairing your phone again to the CarPlay
  16. Now it should work for you
  17. Don’t forget to return back the fuse puller you got from under the hood fuse box, because you might need it again in the future
    Hope that was helpful and solves this issue for everyone.
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