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-I just signed up and there are two "new user" issues I noticed before and after signup. I am not being critical here, I just think that addressing these things would help new users sign up and increase your subscribed revenue. Believe me, I am not chucking crap since I know what a thankless task this sort of thing can be.

1: I tried to sign up and had problems. No matter what I seemed to try, it would not accept my password. I could not find the password requirements listed in your registration, FAQ, or signup pages. I had to search forums until I found the info and even that was not easy. I found it down in the 20th post (in the first result) when I searched for "password". I was reconsidering joining.

2: Before and after I joined I was curious about the paid subscription. Will I see less ads? Who knows. I could not find info on this before I registered. I still have no idea what the benefits of paying are, so I will not pay. I tried searching forums with "subscription", "registration, and "membership" and I found nothing.

Keep in mind that folks will only go to so much effort and then give up when they have difficulty finding information. I would bet that others have been stopped in their tracks when they could not easily find this info. Perhaps it is there somewhere but really it should show up in the FAQ or even better, also on the registration page.

Thanks for your thankless work!
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