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OEM Cargo Organizer

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Hello all. Does anyone know where I can buy a factory OEM cargo organzer and the cover other than a dealer at an inexpensive price? I am not interetsed in the cheap "L" blocks that are aftermarket. Thanks.
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I have an extra tray dealie, but shipping it to wherever you are would probably be pretty stupid.

Also, do not be dissing the "L" things, they are awesome.
Two words: Salvage Yard!
They've got EVERYTHING.
Thanks all for your replies.

alterboy: What do you mean by "Tray Dealie"?
Check Deland Kia Dealer's online store.. a lot cheaper than what other dealerships offer:
And they have all sorts of Soul accessories

Kia Soul Accessories @
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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