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3 photos; no more, no less. NO collages. Modifications list if you prefer*Pictures must be of current state of vehicle... only exception is winter tires. Parts currently for sale or waiting to be installed may not be included. If your wheels/retros/suspension/etc. are currently for sale, even if still on the vehicle, they cannot be listed in the mod list. Vehicles that are currently for sale may not be submitted. No "Future Modifications" either*

Remember, please post your entries and pictures in this thread.

So now through the 20th: Submission Entries. Please post your entries and pictures in this thread. (Submissions after 11:59PM on the 21st will not be included in the competition)

On the 23rd through end of the month: A poll will be added containing the entered submissions. A voting poll will be created so that all members get the chance to vote on their favourite. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will be the winner for the month!

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For your consideration for the Soul of the month for October 2019 is my Red 2017 Kia Soul. I bought a Red Kia Soul because I am a huge Michelle Wie fan. She had a Red Kia Soul in her magazine & TV advertisements. My Red Kia Soul is my Michelle Wie fan car! I have attached 3 pictures showing; front, rear, and interior view of my 2017 Red Kia Soul. My Soul gets professionally detailed once a month (Including steam cleaning the engine). When not getting professionally detailed, I wash my Soul at home. When I'm not using my Soul to go to work or to the store, it remains covered with a car cover. My Soul was purchased new (Only 25 miles on it) in August 2017. My Soul is now 26 months old and has a little over 26,000 miles on it. If the interior still looks brand new in the pictures it is due to the fact that I have NEVER eaten ANYTHING in my car. I have NEVER drunk ANYTHING in my car. I have NEVER had anything in any of the cup holders in my car! I never drive my Soul with the windows down (to reduce the amount of dust (If any) from getting inside!). On some days, the "New Car" scent is still present, even after all this time. From time to time when I'm filling up with gasoline, someone will ask me if I just bought my Soul because it still looks brand new. They are surprised when I tell them that my Soul is over 2 years old! So in honor of Michelle Wie's 30th birthday this month (October, 11), I thought it would be fun to enter my Michelle Wie fan car into the Kia Soul of the month for October, 2019.

Thanks for looking at my entry. Good luck to everyone who enters. Win or lose, this was a fun thing to do! Have a great day!

I have made these modifications/protective measures to my car to protect it and keep it looking brand new:
  • Ceramic Paint Protection (recoated annually)
  • Underbody Protective Coating
  • Wheel Wax - Protective Coating to prevent Brake Dust Buildup on wheels
  • Red Neoprene Seat Covers
  • Custom Embroidered Headrests with Michelle Wie name & logo
  • Red Accents Steering Wheel Cover
  • Window tint on front windows (Not windshield) to offer additional protection from the sun (matches the tint shade of rear windows)
  • Clear Hood Protector
  • Clear Door Handle Pocket Protectors (All 4 doors)
  • Clear Rear Bumper Protector
  • Clear Door Edge Protector
  • Slim Red Kia Soul Side Molding
  • Soul Valve Stem Caps
  • WeatherTech Floor Mats (Front and rear)
  • Kia Soul UV Sunshade for windshield
  • Vanity License Plates
  • Vanity License Plate Frames
  • SunTek Self-Healing Clear Bra - on entire front end, just above the windshield on top (roof), side mirrors, and bottom half (from side molding down) of doors
  • When parked at home, my Soul is covered with a Gold Shield 5L Car Cover from

I wash my Soul at home using these products:
  • Wash underside of car with a product called the Underwasher
  • Wash exterior of car with Chemical Guys Extreme Bodywash + wax
  • Entire car air/blow dried with Detail King Metro Master Blaster car dryer
  • All interior & exterior glass surfaces cleaned with Stoner Invisible Glass
  • Interior surfaces done with Meguiar's Ultimate Interior Detailer
  • Tires done with Mothers M Tech Tire Shine

As a side note:
I would like to get some wheels with a touch of red in them. Not too much red, just enough to give the wheels a touch (pop) of red. Does anyone know of any Red Soul wheels that may look nice on my car?
The tires say: 215 / 55r17
The sticker on the door says: rim: 65jx17


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Well, hell, I'll throw my hat in the ring...
2014 Base 1.6L/6sp Manual
Cat Back Exhaust/K&N Filter/PCR Chip
Storm Springs
Kia Cadenza 19s
SSD Light Bar
Painted Grille Surround & Soul tailgate badge
Side Window Covers



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Demon, really like those wheels!
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