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I'm a proud new owner of a Sportage SX #3.

I've been wokring with the UVO system and really like it.
Besides my iPhone streaming (works great) one thing I think I'm going to do is use a very small USB stick (SanDisk mini) and store a bunch of MP3s on it.
I have my database of MP3s on my PC sorted by folder>Artist.
Thus, under each artist folder are many MP3s named by song-title-album.
Anyway, I already tried and works well but I want to setup a playlist.....which is where I am puzzled.
I can brute force a psuedo playlist by setting up a folder on the USB stick called "Playlist" or "Category" and create some folders (example: Rock, Jazz, etc.) and dump/copy my MP3s of choice into each of these "categories/playlists". I've tried this and works well with the discover USB on the UVO screen. UVO will play the folder like a playlist. However, this is kind of a brute force and I don't think UVO really needed this to be done.....else they would not have PLAYLIST on the main UVO screen. On my W7 PC I have both WMP11 and iTunes. In either one of these I can create a playlist and drop the songs in them I want and export (example: .m3u) format to the USB stick. I put the stick in the UVO and under the PLAYLIST icon on main menu it sees the .m3u playlist. However, when I select it there are no songs to play. I can only assume the playlist was setup using the location of the MP3s on the PC and thus this playlist has no idea of where the MP3s are....even though these same songs/MP3s do exist on the USB stick. The catch is that you can't create a playlist from MP3s dragged from a USB stick....which I thought might solve since it would kind of note the location of the song on the USB stick.

Any ideas ?

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