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just bought the car and first ever new car always beaters so i want to keep this perf

i just ordered the weather teck floor mats for front middle and back

and Im thinking about

seat covers
dash cover
bug guard

but want opinions on best brands
would love some feedback and photos

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Hello Madcowcorn and welcome to the Soul forums.
You need to enjoy the car as it is for a bit. mats are good idea. and also you may notice the dirt areas so you may want to consider Mud flaps to help protect the lower body.


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Congrats on your new Soul.
Black,a must color for the Soul!

Nothing like getting a NEW car,right?

You mentioned that your past vehicles have been "beaters".
Also,appears that your list of accessories is slanted towards
keeping that new car new.
Keep in mind that newer cars have made drastic improvements in
materials used. You give a Florida address. being a ex-Floridian
at one time,I can relate to cracked dashes due to the sun.The dreaded
love bugs and other stuff from the heat.
Dash covers may be good. However,try a good protectorant for the dash.
Stay away from a Armorall type product. I've posted before the merits
of Autoglym products. Why? because,I've tried just about everything,
Autogym stuff really works and lasts. Its a bit pricey(made in the U.K.).
You can buy online. The prices are not too bad. A bottle lasts a long time.
Look for Autogym Vinyl&Rubber Care for the dash. Use it on all exterior and interior
rubber and plastics. Engine too. Great on the mud flaps& tires.
Front bug guards are not my thing. However,they are widely available. Carid a sponsor
sells e'm. You will still have to clean off the bugs.
Seat covers...depending on your lifestyle.Again,sounds like you want to protect
the stock covers. If its just protection,and do not care for matching looks,there are
T-shirt covers that slip over the seats .Pretty cheap.
You can go up from there depending on your tastes.
Good idea on the rubber mats. Those were among the first things I added to my Soul.
Another great related accessory is a rubber tray liner for the trunk area. Weather Tech
also makes those. Has a nice lip to keep in any possible spills.
For now,get out and drive your Soul.
In a bit you may want to do some mods to compliment the look.
Don't know if your Soul came with a rear roof spoiler. If not,its
a great addition to the vehicle. Really adds to the appearance of the vehicle.

Have fun and enjoy!
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