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Hey all! I bought a 2018 Soul! (Exclaim), loaded (heated seats, front and rear, heated steering wheel, sport pedals, D-Steering wheel, 18 inch wheels, panoramic sunroof) when it first came out. Long story short, it sat for over 2 years being only run occasionally. The battery died (like completely), so we tried to jump it. No go, so we bought a new battery. That seemed to fix the car starting problem, but I think we blew a fuse or blew the head unit, because the whole touch screen/nav/radio screen thing doesn't even turn on now.

I'll post in the troubleshooting forums, but thought I could get direction here too.

Is there an inline fuse behind the dash that I may have blown? I have checked the other fuses in the fuse box. All good. Also, everything else in the car seems to work perfectly. Audio system just doesn't turn on, or anything.

Thanks, and thank you for having me!
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