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Need Nokian WRG2 for my 4u

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Just called Kal Tire, the guy said their central warehouse doesn't carry Nokian WRG2 in 225/45 R18 (the tires for 4u). I asked if I could special order them, but he said no. :(

Anybody know where else I can get these installed in the Lower Mainland? Want to be prepared for the occasional snow we get here. Have Nokian WRs in my Corolla and love them.
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you want to buy an 18'' nokian tire? you must have deeeeeeeeeep pockets man!
Well, I wouldn't say deep pockets. :)

But I really do value time-saved and added convenience. I loved the WRs that I slapped on my old Corolla... not having to swap tire sets in and out, not having to store an extra set, and just feeling generally confident on the road whatever (and whenever) the weather serves up. I sound like a commercial. :rolleyes:
Get some 15" steelies and Yokahama Ice gaurds. I just got those and they are Great. Nice and soft like Blizzaks etc.. No problem on snow / ice and they stop too. Um I got them for 800 plus tax with rims :) x 4 .
Cross the border and buy them...cheaper for sure and in stock I bet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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