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So I have a couple of challenges in this swap. The main one is that the factory stereo is the Uvo one. I bought a Axxess harness to hook up to my new deck with a mostly plug-and-play install. No problem. The problem is that the place i bought the spdif converter from never shipped it. I have a powered kenwood subwoofer box that i will be using eventually and my deck (a pioneer avh-4100nex) i have powered speakers directly from before, and it's plenty loud and clear.

What i could do:
1) order a new spdif converter and patiently wait for it to never arrive. I would lose fader control.
2) Power the front five speakers from the deck's front channel and feed the spdif converter from the rear channels, thus retaining fader control and minimizing wire run to the back.
3) don't get the spdif module at all, power all 8 speakers from my deck, sell the factory amp on ebay for over $300. This requires me to run new wires.

In all of these scenarios, i need easy access to the speakers. The ones in the dash aren't that hard to access, but i don't know the location or color of the door speaker wires as they enter the body, although i assume it would be behind the kick panel on either side. I need knowledge that hopefully someone else has.

as a secondary question, i've identified the wire for the reverse wire and i want to know how you all have solved powering the backup camera? I have a 6v converter but i am afraid to hook it to the reverse wire.

Any help would be appreciated.
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