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Need help finding this O-ring

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Hello everyone,

I have a 2013 soul 1.6 and I am having a hard time finding o-rings that the manual says I should replace behind the timing cover. See image for details. There are two o-rings. They are a flat rubber o-rings. Outer diameter seems to be ~35-36 mm, inner diameter ~30-31 mm and thickness is ~2 mm. Anyone know where I can buy these? Thanks for the help.

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Might be this

Or this

I don't see anything in the timing cover diagram, and unfortunately these diagrams don't really show a good location.
BTW, I wouldn't recommend ordering from that website, they are probably more expensive than just buying from your local dealership after shipping. They just have the handiest diagrams to find part numbers.

If I were you and wanted new gaskets I'd probably just go to the dealership parts desk and show them that picture out of your manual. That way if they get you the wrong part you can probably get your money back.
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You can find them at your local auto parts store. You won't find them if they look it up under timing cover but they will if they look under oil pump or crankshaft, one of those two.
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