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Mixed Signals on Tire Rotation

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Hi all,

I'm getting ready to rotate my (new last fall) Vredestein Quatrac 5 tires. I'm loving these tires...very smooth riding, good grip, and "Three Peak" Snowflake rated.

The tread design is assymetrical but non-directional and so the tire can be rotated to any position on the vehicle so long as it remains mounted on the wheel (ie., "outside to the outside").

The Soul service manual recommends cross-rotation of tires (per the illustration, fronts go to back "same side," and backs go to fronts diagonally).


As you can see in the "Warning," the manual states that assymetric tread pattern tires should not change sides, but be rotated front-back only.

Why is that? The advice runs counter to the tire industry's advice that it's fine to cross-rotate non-directional, assymetric tires.

Who do you think "wins" here...the tire company or the car company?

Or does it really matter? (Lazy me would be fine to rotate front/back only; easier, takes less time, more time for beer ;) )

Thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
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Even though my current all season tires have plenty of life left I'm thinking this fall I may switch to all weather to get better cold weather / winter performance. Not willing to go the route of two separate sets of tires - summer & winter.
Thanks for all the great input. Re: all seasons, I can recommend the Vredesteins for above average winter performance. I've had them on a BMW for over a year and also the Soul since last fall and they live up to their outstanding reviews at Tire Rack.
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