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As a motorcycle rider, I have participated in an interesting game on the Adventure Rider forum ( called "Tag-O-Rama". Many states have their own Tag-O-Rama, and there are games for smaller regions (a few counties) up to the biggie, the North America Tag-O-Rama. If you go to the ADVrider forum site, you can check out these Tag-O-Rama games in the Forums/Regional section. There are dozens to choose from.
Here's how it works. First, a rider (or driver in our case) takes a photo of their vehicle by a recognizable and interesting landmark. Without actually having to name the landmark or tell its exact location, the driver (poster) gives clues that, with a little online searching, can help the players identify the landmark and location.

Next, the first person who can drive to that exact location and get a photo of his/her Soul AND post it on this thread (tag) gets to pick the next location. This is where it gets interesting. Say you stop and take your photos at 2:00pm, then drive somewhere to get internet connection and finally upload at 3:00pm. But, when you go to the thread, you find someone else got there at 2:15 and posted the photos on the thread via their smartphone. You just got "Bruced" (you lose!) First to post photo wins.

FIRST AND FOREMOST - This is not an excuse to drive recklessly and race to the location! The purpose of this game is to give you a reason to maybe explore new areas you've never seen, and discover some interesting history along the way. Drive safely - everyone gets Bruced occasionally, and there will be more tags to go after.

MID-ATLANTIC SOUL TAG REGION - This Mid-Atlantic Tag-O-Rama will cover the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia (Washington DC). If you live in a neighboring state, you can still participate, but all new tags must be placed in this region. If you want a Tag-O-Rama in your state/region, please feel free to start your own thread. I will be glad to help you start and answer questions as best I can.

TAGS - Let's make this interesting by placing tags in interesting locations. For example, a historical location, unique landmark, scenic location, or something unusual that you don't see every day. Please don't tag your local 7-11, favorite bar/strip club, etc. A good source for ideas is looking up the list of your state's historical markers - those roadside signs marking historical/significant locations. Make sure it's a location that is accessible 24/7 at no charge, on public property, maintained roads, and is a permanent fixture (not a cool car parked along the road or a 1-week-long county fair). Unique restaurants, museums, institutions (schools, observatories, etc), and similar points of interest are fair game.

1. NO FILE PHOTOS - Any new tags must be claimed using a new photo taken after the current location was posted. If you see a new tag location posted and you were there last month or last year and took a photo of your Soul, that's a file photo and not eligible. We're on the honor system, so your good conscience should be your guide. The whole idea here is to get out and take a drive.

2. FIRST ONE TO POST PHOTO WINS THE TAG - You must post a new photo with your Kia Soul as close to the original poster's position as safely and practically possible. Practice uploading photos so when it's your turn, you're ready to go! No photo - no tag. Simple. A working link to a photo is OK if you have trouble uploading a photo on the road, but you should fix this ASAP and have a photo showing. There must be a photo or a working link to the photo in order to claim the tag. Just writing "Tagged!" or "email me for the photo" doesn't do it.

3. POST NEW TAG - After you post a tag, you have 48 hours to post a new tag location, unless unusually bad weather (bad winter storm, hurricane, etc) delays this. If you know you will be too busy to find another location within 48 hours, wait for another time. There will be more tags. ** If a new tag location is not posted within 48 hours, the first person who posts/posted after you now owns the tag. To avoid "ping-ponging" (where a small group of 2 or 3 people move the tag frequently around one small area, making it difficult for an "outsider" to come in and move the tag), I would encourage you to move it at least 50 miles and not to an area it has been for awhile. In the West Virginia Tag-O-Rama, I have moved the motorcycle tag over 150 miles on several occasions, just within the state. You could pick up the tag in Ripley WV and move it to Ocean City MD if you want!

4. TAG PHOTO AND CLUE - Include your Kia Soul clearly in the photo as well as the landmark. The tag photo can/should include a few clues that might help others find the location with a little Googling. Give some clues without coming out and giving the actual address. If you can use Photoshop and want to blot out part of a sign that would make it too easy, that's OK. One of my favorite clues was when I took a photo of my bike in front of a small US Post Office (and marked out the name with Photoshop). The clue was: "IF YOU WALK IN A 100-FOOT CIRLCE AROUND THIS US POST OFFICE, YOU WILL WALK THROUGH FOUR STATES. IT'S ON A ROUTE WHOSE NUMBER IS VERY FAMILIAR WITH HARRY CALLAHAN FANS." If you are familiar with West Virginia, there are no places along the border where 4 states join. Hmmmmm..... However, with a little research, you will find there is a small town of Four States near Fairmont, along County Route 44 (Dirty Harry's 44 Magnum......) You get the idea. Be imaginative, but don't make it unrealistically difficult.


Let's get started. This is one of West Virginia's most famous and recognizable landmarks. Used in WWII for the Army's 10th Mountain Division for rock climbing training. Named for local Indian tribe who inhabited the area when WV (VA at the time) was first settled. Note that this photo is by the gate to the old Visitor Center (by the log cabin) that was washed away in the Flood of 1985. While you're in the area, stop by for lunch on Harper's Front Porch Restaurant and enjoy a nice view of these rocks.


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