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This morning when I went to leave, I decided to try something until I can get it in dealer said 3-4 weeks. Oiy.. What I did was before I started the car, I repeatedly pressed the brake pedal until it couldn't be pressed anymore, then started the car. Repeated after I released the e-brake. Then left, it seems to have done something as there was only a faint rub and nothing else.

Could the extra pressure re-adhered the pad to the backing if only temporary? That's kind of what I was acting on.
Brake pads have small pieces of metal called "wear bars" (top left 1st & 2nd pad) and they scrape against the rotor when the brake pad needs to be changed. When the wear bar rubs against the rotor it creates a light scraping sound and it may go away as you apply the brakes. The wear bar is only attacked to the inside brake pad (OEM Kia pads below) so it isn't a foolproof system but the inside pad usually wears faster.
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