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Looking for a Great All Season Tire

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I'm looking for a good tire I can use all year. I've in Syracuse NY so I have below 0° Winters & 90° Summers. Currently using Continentals which are great in the winter but Noisy in the summer. Any suggestions other than getting1 set of winter tires & another set for summer
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If I lived in Syarcuse NY I would be running on winter tires for sure. I live in Ontario, Canada. Snow tires are a must have. When I bought my 2020 EX+ July 2019, I shopped around for the best wheel+winter tire packages. The best deal by far believe it or not was from the Kia dealership. I down sized from 17" OEM alloy rims to 16" steelies (recommended by Kia) with my own choice of rubber. I choose 16" steelies with Blizzak snows. I couldn't ask for a better winter tire and I've had a many different brands over the years. Michelin X Ice (way overpriced) Hankook, which I found performed in icy slushy conditions.
I'm currently running Blizzak's on two family 2020 EX+I vehicles. Blizzak's have great traction in snow and slushy conditions and oh! so quiet; in fact they are as quiet as my summer tires. Just my opinion.
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Neanderthal That's what we ran last year the new and improved Blizzak's WS90. I believe the winter of 2019-20 was the first year for the WS90. I will never install another brand. My son made me a believer in "Blizzak" winter tires, he swore by them.
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