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2020 Soul EX - Undercover Green
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About 6 months ago, I converted all bulbs on my 2020 Soul EX and was worried about the longevity of my headlight bulbs being sealed behind the dust caps. Now I'm happy to say that there has been no problems so far and I'm still in love with how it looks! I'm still super impressed with my EXTREMELY bright blinkers and how they definitely get people's attention! They're so bright that when I turn on my blinkers at night, they light up road sign farther down the road than my headlights reach! I know in the pic the headlights and DRLs look to be a different color temperature but I assure they match in real life.
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Forgive the clutter in my garage! My roommate is a bit of a hoarder and the rest of the 4 car garage isn't faring much better! Haha

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