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So im trying to install the leds that go on my headlights, i had power to everything before hand, wired the lights in, still power, everything worked as intended, all of a sudden i lost power to 1 wire, i unhooked everything i did back to normal, and still no power to 1 wire.. the bulb works as intended when the turn signal and hazard lights are on, but when i just turn the switch to make my running lights come on.. now im stuck with this... the hot for me was a yellow wire when i turned the running lights on before i started, so i know i had it hooked up properlly,, my question is,, since ive lost power to just 1 wire... are these lights ran to a fuse? as stated everything else works as its suppose to, the headlight, turn signals, hazards. hi and low beam,, its just the running lights


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