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LED's for the Gauge Cluster

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Hi everyone...

I was just curious if anyone has bought this product and what their experiences were with it in terms of quality, how difficult the install was, etc. (see link below)

I'm also curious if anyone has overall recommendations if this modication is worthwhile, or just wishful thinking... :)

Universal SMD3528 Chip 56ea LED Gauge Cluster DIY Blue - eBay (item 170567458970 end time Dec-16-10 21:55:55 PST)
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I guess I don't see a point. The whole gauge cluster is already lit up with LEDs. The only Instrument light that are incandescent are the dummy lights for oil pressure and something else. But the instrument cluster is super easy to take out and modify if you wanted.
^^^ It's the oil pressure and MIL (check engine)... easier to hide problems in 10 years in used dealers... ;)

I install these you will need to remove the needles. It's not something I'm comfortable with, however it's just to make sure you don't move anything while they're out and put them back at the exact same position...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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