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Sorry that I Posted this thread in the wrong forum category the first time...<:-((

I contacted the Seller, and he said that the Price is for ONE...!!! When I bought these last year
they were $8.00 Now the price is so High that putting SOUL aftermarket Sill plates is the best buy...hmmmm
Excellent 3D Plating Metal Front Grille KIA MOTORS Car Badge Sticker For Kia Sportage Soul Rio/k2 K5 Optima Ceed Emblem Online with $9.95/Piece on James_china's Store |

~ I did this little Project when I first bought the SOUL one year ago, because upon entering
the SOUL I noticed that it did not have a Proud "Coach Plate" Greeting ME...!!!...???
~ As seen in the 1955 Chevy Sill Plate Picture below, you see the Famous "Coach Plate"...
~ I added 4 of the Cast Chrome Coach 3D "KIA MOTORS" to my Sill Plates, and they are still there in Perfect
condition one year later as seen in the Picture below...<:))
NOTE: I removed the two mounting studs from the back of the Cast Plate, so I could just
use Premium 3M Gray Emblem mounting tape, and not have to remove the SOUL's sill plates... After
one year of proof of concept. I can say it was a success, and that's why I waited a year
to post this MOD...
NOTE: I did this because the SOUL deserved to recognize its Coach Builder... Just a little custom MOD...
NOTE: Perfectly Clean Mounting Surfaces Are Imperative When Using Premium 3M Gray Emblem Tape...

1955 Chevy Coach Plate

KIA SOUL "KIA MOTORS" Coach Sill Plate
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