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hello, i just sold my kia soul, and bought a new kia optima.
well, i had forgotten i had ordered the new emblems, so i thought i would try
to sell them here for a discount.
included is the front tigris emblem/the rear tigris emblem/the emblem removal tool. these emblems are BRAND NEW, to install these simply remove the old emblems and attach the new ones.
ALSO, included is the kia soul tigris steering wheel emblem, you DO NOT
remove the original steering wheel emblem, this is made to fit directly over the original steering wheel emblem.
i just paid $60.00 for the complete set, that is $39.99 for the front and back and
19.99 for the steering wheel emblem. that is the best price for the highest quality tigris emblems you can get.
i will sell the whole set for $52.00 delivered(u.s. only)
if interested let me know, thanks! ps: these fit all years of kia souls 2010/11/12
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