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My 2 cents input. In my over 55 years of driving, I've owned and/or driven MANY cars, mostly foreign. Everything from a 1956 Ford (my first) to my present 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe (I've owned 4 of them) and a 2015 Kia Soul!. I owned & operated an auto repair shop in Germany where I repaired and driven nearly every car the Germans make. As far as Kia's are concerned, I traded my wife's POS 2011 Honda Civic sedan, which we bought new, for a new 2015 Kia Soul!. No, I do not believe all the published "ratings." We couldn't wait to rid us of the Honda that caused us nothing but problems for the four dreadful years we owned it! The Soul has been an absolute pleasure to own and totally trouble free. To be honest, she only put on 6,300 miles in five years, so it's still "new." I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Kia and I have recommended the brand to many of my close friends. Just a few notes: The most fun cars to drive were my two Fiats (an 850 Coupe and a 124 Sports Coupe) and a BMW 850i Coupe, which was frighteningly fast . The best all around car I ever owned was a BMW 735i sedan.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts