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No, not to the devil... but to the dealership.

Because of inflation, and everything is getting pricey, we decided to sell.

We paid $17,599 cash, used it for 16 months and put 11,200 miles, sold yesterday for $20+.

I say it was a win for me... because that cash we had, if it was just sitting in the bank, is still $17,599 today though it has really lost it's value/purchasing power due to inflation.

Don't get me wrong, I like the mpg I get with it, and Manual tranny is fun to drive, but we love our other vehicles too.

It's a third vehicle which was originally bought for my daughter to learn stick, but now she's going away for school, the Soul will just be stagnant.

When the prices get back to normal, and things change for good (economy) in the distant future, I will still consider another Soul....

This forum has been great, many great and helpful members, and excellent informative posts... I will still be around lurking if not joining...


The highest offer was from KBB. KBB acts like a search engine searching for dealerships who want to purchase the vehicle. They presented with a few dealerships, and i called around asking if the KBB offer will be what they will pay. I sold to the highest "bidder", which was a Lexus dealership. Very professional sales rep there too.
i couldn't help but notice a similar inflation effect on my soul, bought 2020 leftover for under $17K and see them listed for $20 - $23K!! never dreamed...
21 - 22 of 22 Posts