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Hi everyone,

I was pretty dead from the password fiasco, I'm really sorry for not continuing the ROTM, the user password recovery needed my attention and it's been quite an exhausting summer. now that things have calm down a bit, I can continue to work on the contests.

First let me thank all the contestants that participated during June but was never polled.

Thank you all. I have everyone listed for July at the bottom, if I forget anyone please let me know. PM me :)

2012 Cherry Black Soul plus
Dash Cover by DashMat
Carbon Fiber Wiper Blades from CarID
Bra from CarID
Weathertek wind screens from CarID
Cow leather Steering Wheel cover
I use my favorite Harley Davidson T-Shirts as Seat Covers (works perfectly, learned this trick on a Suzuki Samarai)
New Tires
Full size spare tire and tools
Rear Net/Mesh for storage

I love my Soul, he's one of the best cars I've ever owned, considering the price, it's an amazing car.

My picture taking skills lack a lot, but these are the best 3 I managed.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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