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JULY Soul Of The Month WINNER!

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After some interestingly close voting at the start a clear winner finally emerged. Congratulations to technosnob who's subtle and classy looking mods has created a car that the majority of votors loved.

First time that a Canadian car has won for a while and the first time for ages that the owner is a member of the Soul Club Of Ontario. Back in and around 2011 SCO cars won nearly every month. We have a whole bunch of new members with great cars now. If they were to start entering again it could be a Canadian Red & white-wash...........unless lots of other people enter their lovely cars from other countries that is. Come on America, come on PR and the Phillipines, you guys have some AWESOME Souls, let's see 'em!



Here's my baby. She is 2015 EX+ (Canadian Model) with a few minor exterior tweaks.

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Congratulations, and a thank you to all that have participated. Here is hoping that those others from months gone by don't quit on us and do re-enter their cars. No such thing as too much of a good thing.
Sweet! Big thanks to all that voted.
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Id enter again but it said i couldnt for a year lol. plus I have something secret that i can not show yet :p almost have everything in place to start project soul :p
Congrats nice ride, I like them Black Souls.
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