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(Sorry, I posted this somewhere else, not knowing about this section)

Hello !!,
This is my very first post here.
I hope this is the place for quick questions.
I've been looking for '12 6 spd Souls to replace my 2001 Honda Insight,, finally,, it runs great and all, but I'm tired of not being able to pack for 2 on the trip to the airport. :(

I like everything I've read about the Soul so far, but haven't driven one yet. I like car camping but the Soul might be small for that duty. I love the fuel mileage reports on fuelly!!

My quick questions are:
>What are the big differences in the 2 generations?

>The Drive Train warranty. Is it totally transferable?

>Has anyone needed intake valve cleaning performed under warranty?

I went down the rabbit hole of Direct Injection and Intake Valve Carbon Build Up. It sounds like an industry wide issue.

>How many owners have had good results adding an Oil Catch Can to the PCV system?

Thanks for any helpful advice !

used to own a 2016 Soul SX 2.0L - Caribbean Blue
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welcome to the forum, can't answer all your questions. To give you a bit of background, I used to own a '12 (2.0L) and now traded it on a '16 (2.0L).

1. G2 is virtually all new from the ground up, different suspension, longer wheelbase, obvious all new front and rear and side profiles, but still retains all the interior space and set up that the G1 was known for. The powertrains are virtually the same 1.6L and 2.0L and transmissions (big change for these was in 2012), however, my '16 is GDI version and the gear ratios have been tweaked somewhat and it feels more powerful and also the vehicle is much quieter, but there is so many differences it would take pages to list all the differences.
Check this link out to the press release when the G2 version came out for 2014.

2. The second owner only gets the powertrain warranty to 60k or 5 yrs which equals the basic warranty.

3. Never had intake valve cleaning performed under warranty in 4 years of owning the 2012, not sure why I would need it, but that is a serviceable item.

4. do a search for "oil catch can" as this was just discussed recently.
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