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I have been watching Fuelly too- a Kial Soul is not a hot new vehicle anymore. I might try and go for the record books on my first fill up and open up an account.:D A/C is not needed right now in Florida, so the best mpg numbers I will get is this month
Your numbers seem on the mark: notice your RPM's when driving at lower speeds with a light foot. You'll mostly be above the 50MPG on the live readout. I take day trips on country roads and smaller highways, where for 2-3 hours --with minimal stops-- I am driving between 40 and 55. I've gotten up to 49mpg for extended times. In normal usage, 2/3 in town 1/3 highway, and lots of short trips, the readout will show 32-35 per tank. But it doesn't register the gas used either for cold starts (on repeated short trips) or if you use the stop-and-go system. That will drop your average per tank (as rhysoul noted) 3-4 mpg. So in the end, given my generally light foot I get a couple of mpg better than EPA numbers, more so in warmer whether with minimal air conditioning than cold winter weather.
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