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I think we should have public caning as a deterrent. Used to be in South Korea, if they caught you stealing and it was minor, they'd tie you up in front of the courthouse, strip you down and whip the hell out of you with a cane pole. Very humiliating and with a large crowd watching, very effective. We should do something like that here. I guarantee if we had corporal punishment, our crime rates would drop. Our laws and penalties are far too soft. You murder someone here and confess to it, you're usually out of prison in 7-10 years. It doesn't seem to matter that the judgement for sentence is 25 to life. Most get paroled after just a few years. Personally, I don't think that's much of a deterrent.
The problem is there's nowhere to put the people that really need to be in jail because the jails are filled up with drug users and petty thieves stealing to get their dope fix. Decriminalized all drugs, go back to red-light districts where people could die in the gutter high if they wanted to, empty out the jails and now you've got someplace to put all these other shitbags that need to be in jail. Murderers, sex offenders, violent assaulters and serious thieves getting out on parole is bullshit.

But I digress. What we really need for car thieves is something like this:
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