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*HOW TO post your Soul pictures*

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If you wonder how to post the pictures to the board, read throug these "instructions", which should help you to get familiar with this simple process!

In order for your image to show up in your post, you must first have that image uploaded to an Image Hosting Site (IHS). Most IHSs will give you a personal web space of your own where you can upload your images to. If you currently do not have an IHS that gives you some web space, you can look at the following links below: , ,
or other similar image hosting websites.

A few simple steps of how to do it:

1. Register to the website. Once you are registered you can start to upload pictures.

2. Click browse and find the image you want to upload from your personal computer, then choose the appropriate image size (800x600 or less) and push the Host it button!

3. After you have clicked Host it, you were taken to the next page (see below). Now, click the image (new page will open)!

4. You were taken to next page. Move your mouse cursor on the picture and click right mouse button. Then click (image) properties and coppy the (image) Location link address.

5. Now you need to return to Kia Soul Forums and paste the link to the address bar and submit your post!


Please do not post bigger pictures than 800x600!

Anything bigger than 800X600 will automatically push the window further to the right and if one does not have a big monitor, they will have to scroll over to see all of the image.

Plus if the viewer does not have broadband and are only on a dialup conncetion it would take a long time to download the image into the browser. Therefore its advisable to resize your image in any photo editing program to 800x600 size or less!
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So? We can store pics here in our garages, find the picture URL and then use IMG to insert pics inside our posts?
Try the link at the bottom of my post, once there, use the link on #2.
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Not trying to "upload" pictures but want to insert them inside posts such as this one...
Go to an editing screen (where you write your message). There will be an icon bar on the top of that page. The third button from the right is marked "image" with your mouse pointer over the icon. Click on that. The upload is the same as in the process I referenced in the previous post. You can enter a URL to the picture or load it from your computer. I use the load from my computer simply because eventually all those picture services go from free to you gots to pay to use it evolution. Don't trust them at all. Anyway, that should work for you.
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Not sure about the "upload" button but when you select the file from the folder window, the "open" button uploads the file to the site.
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