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Me and Amazon are tight! Seems like every day I come up with a new project or something to buy. I bought my 11 Soul+ 5 speed for the primary reason to be towed behind our motor home. Now I find myself driving it a lot more than I expected (wife doesn't like shifting gears) and the only complaint I have (besides it needs a 6th gear) is that it's just plain. While in FL earlier in the year we added some stripes and I repainted the A pillar trim. Last week I installed a tow-light relay and isolator so I don't have to put magnetic lights on top and ran the wires to the front of the car. That Korean steel is tough! I broke a drill bit and burnt up 3 screws trying to go through the rocker seam! Yesterday I painted the B pillar so the silver wouldn't show in between the black door trim. Today I installed side marker (repeater) lights with chrome trim. I've got some fog lights on order--don't know if they will fit like I want, but Amazon is easy returns! I'm really wanting an Ansa exhaust tip/resonator, but they are pricey and no direct fit! Side light pics below. Before--without trim--finished out. I'm not really bored, I just got time to do the stuff I want to do. You ought to see the list of stuff I've done to the motor home!!!
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