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I like playing with things :) photos added

Well my solution to installing GPS in my Soul and it’s a nice large screen.
I had a IPad 2nd Gen Wi-Fi only so it would not work as a GPS my solution, fixed that with.
A Duel XGPS150 this is a wireless Bluetooth GPS receiver sits on dash compatible with all devices with Bluetooth Apple, Android, Laptops PC and Mac it will turn ant device into a GPS all you need id software or app.
I am using this with TomTom mapping great software app for navigation.
This took care of the software and getting GPS signal on the road.

Now how to mount this in my vehicle still working on this but it actually worked great so getting ready to finish it off with paint.
This is mounted to the passenger’s seat bolt.
It has a solid square steel peg sticking up about 4” long it stays mounted it’s out of the way so no problem leaving it mounted.
I then have a steel hollow square tube that slides over the solid peg a fit that allows it to slide on and off easy but not loose, a 2 second mounting process.

Up top I made a U channel out of aluminum to fit the IPad in both landscape or portrait positions I made it wide enough to leave my case on, that may change later to just a hard shell back, and a shorter piece op top to help steady it.

It’s still in the prototype stage so I may refine it a but took it out for a test and it actually is good as is, just needs cleaning up and a nice finish added.
Note: Since it is Bluetooth audio comes out of car speakers also.

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