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Has anyone tried this roof rack?

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ISUZU RODEO ROOF RACK CROSS BARS LOAD BARS T RACK LOCK - eBay (item 270664297544 end time Apr-13-11 19:36:58 PDT)

Ok so I'm going crazy here trying to find a roof rack for my Soul. I have the factory rails so I need a universal roof rack (preferably cause it's cheaper). I don't really want to spend a fortune on the rack cause I was recently in a hit and run so I need to pay the deposit for a new bumper. Anyways does anyone have any suggestions for a pair of roof rails. Oh and I'm a strong believer in Karma, so to the person who hit me. So not cool.

Also I had just noticed a similar pair on the SSD page and they look really similar I'm just wondering if they're the same set, does anyone know.
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Those are a find! I wonder if they would fit my Jeep Cherokee?
I don't see why not, cause on the pics they show them on SUV's but I'm not sure if they'll fit my car. They are adjustable though.
Toaster, are you concerned that they may be too wide? What are you going to carry on your roof?
No, I'm just afraid that the footpads will be too wide for my roof rails. I'm just going to be carrying bikes and a cargo box so I'm not worried about the weight or anything. It's just wether they'll be narrow enough to fit the roof rails.
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