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:surprise: Hi all wonderful people!

I used to peek in here for tips now and then. Big thanks to the helpful folks in here!

My funky-tastic railwaytop is a oneofakind. It's so rare, I just HAD to get it in red (ALAS, some would say)

The warranty ran out ½ a year later, just when I should have gone and complained over something I can't quite recall by now. But no worries, she's still below the age of consent! Bloody red - and SHINY!

Afterwards, I made it look like a,,well let's just say

So far i've seen (for real!) these 1st gens:

2x 2010 red souls
1x 2010 green soul
1x 2010 cream soul
1x 2010 black soul

and then i've seen these 2nd gens:

1x 2016 black/red soul
1x 2017 EV blue/white soul


I really was trying for a used 2.0L 2013, but 2.0 isn't sold in DK, or EU, or this stoopid continent I guess. Then there's not even any 2011-2015 models sold.

What there is though, is brand new 2017 models, but those retails for 40,000 USD. Gas is same pricing as EV.

So what I managed so far was, git maself a 7year ol Soul ...

and then, funny moments for you:

1) Scoring 3 parking tickets (close corner for 5 days) in my windshield on my birthday (wtf) that was a well spent 250 USD!
2) Scoring a parking ticket for the next day to come, which I did NOT pay (that was hilarious).
3) Breaking rear tailgate window on xmas eve/night (the 24th) at 6.30pm during xmas dinner (thanks santa).


Other cars I was either very close to buying, or robbin a bank to get:

1) Sleek boxy Jeep Renegade
2) Nissan Colt Rally
3) Bumbly Nissan Juke
4) railwayroof Skoda Jedi
5) bettybucket Chevrolet PT Cruiser
6) ol dirty Mitsubishi Pajero
7) Suzuki Grand ..?

and this one can always temptate me:

8) Daihatzu Materia! It's looks like a mini soul.
9 Scion, more boxy than a cube

i have a lot of mods to do, and some are more stalled than others..

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Howdy and welcome to the forums!!

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Velkommen 46footsoul!
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