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Hello.... I know I'm crazy but we have a 2012 Soul 2.0 and I want to autocross it. First I want to look into springs, struts and shocks because I went to an event and tech said it was 3/4" to high so I have to lower it. Then I want to lower it more with tire/wheel change.

I know I will get all kinds of info for me to look into and would appreciate any firsthand info on lowering springs, struts and shocks. My first look was Koni struts and shocks but I guess they do not make any that fit the 2012. I have looked into several spring companies and would like info on the brands some of you have used.

I auto crossed back in the mid 70's and did very good with a Mazda RX2 and also know that this car is not the best choice to run in whatever class they deem it will compete in but I just want to play with it.

Thanks in advance for any useful info you folks can provide.
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