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You DO have a printer, don't you?

Find a particular page, on-line, that you need, and then download it into your PC and then print it out.

Easy peazey!

When I need to see something that's in the Kia Factory Service manual, I just call my Kia parts man and have him email me the page I need, and then I print it out on my own printer.

It's nice to know that Chilton finally came up with a manual for the Soul.

Thanks for the link,

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Chilton's now supports the Soul with an online manual.... 2010 through 2016

Am I reading this right?

You can rent the online manual for a month or a year, for a price.

30 Day Plan

1 Year Plan

Call me "old fashioned"
I like the feel of a book
(Repair Manual) that I can paw through.

In past CHILTON MANUALS, I've owned...
They tell a story. Smudge marks on the pages,
from dirty "hands on" moments.

Brake dust, carbon from spark plugs, grease and oil.
Tune ups, regular maintenance, and repairs.
Left on the pages, from days in the past,
when I've worked on "my ride."

I've always tucked the repair manual inside,
in some inconspicuous spot,
before selling my vehicles.

Figuring the new owner would enjoy
glancing through the pages, eventually.

Yep, they tell a story,
both with words on the pages,
and the smudges and stains
of honest hard work.

If "online" is the only game in town,
well.... I'm in! Thanks for sharing the link.
Guess I need to buy a printer and lots of paper.

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If you don't want to have to pay, check with your local library. Mine has some way of accessing Chilton. I haven't used it, so I don't know the specifics yet, but should be able to check it out just like getting from the library.

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